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Biden-Harris 2024

Brand Positioning
Creative Direction
Systems infrastructure
Audience Analysis

Studio Mosaic had the privilege of contributing to the launch of Biden-Harris ’24, providing creative direction and technical leadership.


We led the technical and website development of the site to ensure a seamless and secure social and web experience which was particularly significant, given the historic stakes of this election.


We infused authenticity into Biden-Harris ’24 by using the President’s handwriting across creative, a feat which resonated deeply with voters.

Alongside the website implementation, we designed social share graphics and provided a toolkit that empowered voters could engage within their communities. Our approach not only elevated the visual positioning, but fostered a sense of connection, crucial in rallying voter support.


Inspired by the conversation online, our team leveraged the virality of the Dark Brandon meme, an iconic image that captured the energy of the campaign to boost merch sales and fuel the discourse.

Studio Team:
Robyn Kanner, Deanna Marie-Norcross,
Cesar Hernandez, Eric Ziminsky, Rae Roberts, Anna Impson, Julian Williams, Laura Porat, Jonathan Hoefler, Jessica Hische, Christopher Michon

Lake George Music Group

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