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Circle Care Center

Brand Positioning
Website Development

Circle Care Center is a Connecticut-based organization that offers LGBTQI+ affirming medical services and sexual health. When they tapped us for a rebrand, we knew we needed to help set them apart from their competition while validating the critical services they offer.

Rainbows are, understandably, ubiquitous in LGBTQI+ brands, including Circle Care’s former branding. But this ubiquity means it’s all too easy for these brands to blend together—the life-saving services many LGBTQI+ organizations offer are often lost in a sea of cutesy rainbows. Still, they’re a familiar and effective symbol in queer culture, so rather than lose them altogether, we sprinkled rainbow-inspired arches on all creative assets, including social media templates, billboard designs, merch, and in the logo over the ‘i’ to create an identifying wordmark.

Working with Mosaic felt like a dream from start to finish. I've never worked with a group that consistently produces high-quality professional products while maintaining a familiar, compassionate, and comfortable demeanor until I met their team.

Anthony Crisci, Chief Executive Officer

We paired the arches with a new defining color for Circle Care—a bold, vibrant purple. Purple has a long history in the LGBTQI+ community, from the “lavender scare” of the mid-20th century when queer folks were dismissed en masse from government services, to biographers noting that Abraham Lincoln had a “streak of lavender”.

Studio Team:
Robyn Kanner, Deanna Marie-Norcross,
Eric Ziminsky, Christina Burroughs,
and Anna Impson

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