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Governor Josh Shapiro

Brand Positioning
Creative Direction

Since taking office, Governor Shapiro has unified Pennsylvania in a big way—from rebuilding I-95 in just
12 days to removing the barrier of a four-year college degree for 92% of state jobs. The branding for Governor Shapiro clearly supports these accomplishments with concise messaging, elevated typography, and an inviting and approachable color palette.

Governor Shapiro was already ready for some outside-the-box branded moments, like a custom bomber jacket with an embroidered 48 to solidify Governor Shapiro’s place in
Pennsylvania history.

From I-95's reopening to the Governor's first budget address, Studio Mosaic’s branding has more than leveled up the Governor's messaging and presence.

– Annie Newman, Digital Director

All of which drive home the fact that Josh is the ideal person to lead and shape a progressive commonwealth that can get shit done.

Studio Team:
Robyn Kanner, Deanna Marie-Norcross,
Eric Ziminsky, Cesar Hernandez,
Anna Impson

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