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Lake George Music Group

Brand Positioning

Nicholas Britell is a brilliant composer who created award-winning scores for films like Don’t Look Up, The Big Short, and Moonlight.
He also scored all four seasons of HBO’s Succession, winning multiple Emmy Awards for the work. He decided to release a soundtrack of Succession songs under his own label and needed help with the branding.

The label is called Lake George Music Group after the family lake house that Nicholas enjoyed while growing up, so inspiration was drawn directly from photos of the house. We quickly established a rich green as the identifying color, infusing the brand with a peaceful, forest-like feel. We then paired it with an organic and optimistic orange-gold, which connected nicely with the color schemes in the lake house photos.

We wanted the mark to be clean, straightforward, and personal, so we borrowed tones and styles from Nicholas’ own handwriting and used them to create a custom font. We then used line art to illustrate a detailed but still readable-from-afar piano based on an old fashioned model that Nicholas wanted to emulate. A zoomed-in version of the piano keys, punctuated with the Lake George mark, became the label’s defining emblem.

Studio Team:
Robyn Kanner and Eric Ziminsky

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